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Official Honda/Acura Lease Return Center

When you turn in your full-term Acura or Honda car lease at Rusty Wallis Honda, we’ll pay you $100. If you trade it in for a new Honda we’ll pay up to $500 toward your first new payment.

It’s your choice…$100 or $500. If you have more questions about Honda car leases, we’ve got answers for you.

We recommend thinking about how you want to end your lease about six months prior to the turn-in date. When you make your last payment, you get to drive the vehicle for one more month. If you are not sure when your last payment is due, you can contact us at 
214 324-7135. We look forward to working with you!

Acura and Honda Car Lease Return FAQs

At Rusty Wallis Honda, we routinely field questions about leases, such as “Can you return a leased car early?” Check out answers to this and other common lease questions.

So what happens at the end of a car lease? When your lease is over,  bring your leased vehicle to our dealership along with the following:

  • All vehicle keys
  • All maintenance records
  • The owner’s manual
  • Completed repair receipts

The car should also be clean! If you do not have all of the documentation you require, let us know and we will guide you through lease-end processes.

It is possible to return a leased car early; however, you are still responsible for the remaining payments and any applicable penalties or fees. Once you pay the remaining balance you can lease a new vehicle.

If you want to buy the car at the end of the lease, let us know and we will start the financing process. Keep in mind that your lease payments cover the vehicle’s depreciation exclusively, not its purchase price. As a result, the loan payment will be higher unless you have cash to pay for the vehicle.

Exceeding the mileage limit results in a fine. The same is true of any serious vehicle wear and tear. Routine car cleaning and care combined with mindful mileage monitoring avoids these common issues.

You have end-of-lease options and they are:

return it image



purchase it image



trade it image

Trade It On a New Honda


Now you know the answers to “Can you return a leased car early?”, “What happens at the end of a car lease?”, and more! If you have additional questions about Acura or Honda car leases, please let us know! Our team is always here to help.

Before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to stop by the dealership for a preliminary inspection of the vehicle. The results of the inspection will help you choose the best option. It’s free and only takes about 20 minutes. You should do this 6-8 weeks prior to your turn in date. To make an appointment for the free inspection, call us at 214 3324-7135 or contact us online.

If you have questions about other auto related topics, including tire rotation, transmission repair, or oil changes, we’ve got some pieces for you. See you shortly at Rusty Wallis Honda!

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