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Lease Return Center

lease return center

When you turn in your full-term Honda Lease at Rusty Wallis Honda, we’ll pay you $100. If you trade it in for a new Honda we’ll pay up to $500 toward your first new payment.
It’s your choice…$100 or $500.

You should start thinking about how you want to end your lease about 6 months prior to the turn-in date. When you make your last payment, you get to drive the vehicle for one more month. If you are not sure when your last payment is due, you can contact us at 
214 324-7135.

You have end-of-lease options and they are:

return it image



purchase it image



trade it image

Trade It On a New Honda

Before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to stop by the dealership for a preliminary inspection of the vehicle. The results of the inspection will help you choose the best option. It’s free and only takes about 20 minutes. You should do this 6-8 weeks prior to your turn in date. To make an appointment for the free inspection, call us at 214 3324-7135.

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